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NTI-tss Headache and Sore Jaw Treatment

Jaw and headache pain can be treated because they are most likely caused by clenching your teeth when you’re sleeping and occasionally throughout the day. Clenching your teeth while asleep and during the day is the result of some of the strongest muscles in your body tensing up (up to 6 to 20 times more intensely than chewing), which can cause morning and tension headaches, and even damage surrounding joints, teeth, and other muscles. These muscles—called the temporalis muscles—are located on the sides of your head and are used when you chew or close your mouth. When you clench your teeth, these muscles can create a great deal of stress and tension: to your jaw joints, to your neck muscles, and to your teeth.

Now clenching, grinding, headaches, migraines, sore jaws and other TMJ symptoms can be relieved by this FDA approved dental appliance treatment for migraine headaches and TMD. It is smaller then traditional nightgaurds yet more effective in relieving symptoms (traditional nightgaurds actually cause more clenching). The NTI-tss Tension Suppression System is custom made and fits conveniently over only the front teeth of either the upper or lower arch. This design prevents the back teeth from coming into contact and causing damage. The NTI-tss appliance stops the jaw from clenching and helps stimulate the muscles to relax.

The rate at which symptoms subside is directly related to the degree and longevity of each individuals condition. However, it is not unusual for some patients to report immediate overnight relief; others usually within one to several weeks. It can take time for the highly trained muscles to un-learn their clenching habit but the intensity of involuntary clenching is immediately reduced. 

For more information please go to http://www.nti-tss.com/ or www.headacheprevention.com

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